YIN Yoga

A beautiful, mindful pause on purpose...

The practice of Yin yoga encourages "a pause" to enhance the Chi or energy distribution through the Yin parts of the body, namely the bones and connective tissues that bind them through long held floor poses.

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This style of practice, done slowly and safely, nourishes the natural range of motion of the joints, also flushes the meridians housed in these connective tissues, which directly effects and enhances particular organs.

Restoring the flow of Chi within us has a direct impact on our psychological states, encouraging increased ease of BE-ing."

Yin Yoga Pose at Bikram Yoga Sandyford

Yin practice takes you deeper into where you are, not out to where you think you should be.

It merges meditation and asana into a very deep practice. Yin yoga challenges you to sit in the pure presence of awareness.

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It's hard in a different way than active asana practice, but in a way thats more profound and satisfying as well as more beneficial to deeper tissues.

Yin Yoga Class at Bikram Yoga Sandyford

Classes are designed to focus on the meridian energy system and serve you whether this is your first class or you regularly practice yin yoga...

This is your gentle nudge to mindfully honor your self care needs, body, mind and spirit.

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Classes are every Thursday at 7:30pm and every Sunday at 9:30am in a non-heated room, class duration is 60 minutes.

Bring your own mat. Blankets, blocks and bolsters are provided.

Sign up at to reserve your space.