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"Bikram yoga has radically improved my health and well-being. I am free from years of back pain, it has alleviated many PMS symptoms and raised my overall mood and energy levels. All within a few weeks!"
Emma, Greystones


Rachel from Dun Laoghaire who had always suffered badly with hayfever and perennial rhinitis, had tried every remedy,anti-histamine and nasal rinse possible,realised within 4-5 months of doing yoga that her symptoms had significantly abated even in high pollen count days.
Rachel, Dun Laoghaire


"Don't think yoga is for you? Free your mind and experience the challenge of Bikram yoga in Sandyford where you will challenge yourself in postures that will not only transform your body, but change how you feel about yoga forever! Leg and arm muscles become harder and more defined, while belly fat seems to evaporate in the heat. Your friends will be asking you why you look so good! The secret is Bikram yoga in Sandyford- get in and try it for yourself, you'll be sorry if you don't. I haven't found another form of exercise that reaches the parts that Bikram does. And the benefits were not just to my body, one and a half hours in a hot room melts away all my stress too. It has made a big change to my life. What are you waiting for?"
Vinnie, Dublin


"Did a 26 km trek over blanket bog, The Bangor Trail, at weekend. It took 10 hrs 10 mins - tired, but no aches or pains whatsoever. So a Big Thank You to YogaBikram Sandyford."
Breda Murphy, Goatstown


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"Regular attendance will make you feel incredibly well and rather svelte in a matter of weeks."
Irish Times

"Bikram Yoga changed my life."
Daily Mirror

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